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HISTORY (Old Updates)

30 Jun 2007, Sat
Prejoined Legend.

23 Jun 2007, Sat
Prejoined Once Upon A Dream.

22 Jun 2007, Fri
Moved Soulmates and Gentlemen files under Closed TCGs. Moved Seriously!, A Little Bit, Window Shopping and Myths & Legends files under Left TCGs. Put 5 TCGs on hiatus.

29 Apr 2007, Sun
Prejoined Alucinare.

20 Apr 2007, Fri
Got my Tric starter pack.

19 Apr 2007, Thu
Applied to join Soulmates and got my starter pack.

16 Apr 2007, Mon
Got my Senshi Card-Mania!-R starter pack.

15 Apr 2007, Sun
Applied to join Tric.

13 Apr 2007, Fri
Got my Viril starter pack.

11 Apr 2007, Wed
Applied to join Seriously! and got my starter pack.

10 Apr 2007, Tue
Prejoined Viril.

03 Apr 2007, Tue
Animated closed so I've moved my cards under Closed TCGs.

19 Mar 2007, Mon
Revamped the layout. Got my Hunters Inc starter pack. I never got my Honor and Save the World starter packs so I've decided not to join them anymore.

12 Mar 2007, Mon
Applied to join That's Amore.

25 Feb 2007, Sun
Got my Horcrux starter pack.

24 Feb 2007, Sat
I've decided not to join Genetics anymore. I've applied to join Save the World instead. Got my prejoin starter pack for The Grey Havens.

23 Feb 2007, Fri
Applied to join Window Shopping and got my starter pack.

22 Feb 2007, Thu
Got my A Little Bit starter pack.

20 Feb 2007, Tue
Got my Black Pearl, Myths & Legends and Animated starter packs.

19 Feb 2007, Mon
Got my Harmony Alley starter pack. Applied to join Horcrux and Black Pearl. Prejoined Muggled.

18 Feb 2007, Sun
Applied to join A Little Bit and Harmony Alley. Prejoined Senshi Card-Mania!-R.

17 Feb 2007, Sat
Prejoined Multiverse, The Grey Havens and Press Start. Applied to join Honor, Myths and Legends, and Gentlemen. Got my starter packs for Gentlemen and Press Start.

16 Feb 2007, Fri
Applied to join Animated.

15 Feb 2007, Thu
The trade form is up!

14 Feb 2007, Wed
Opened the site! Applied to join Genetics. Prejoined Midnight Tempest. Got my Midnight Tempest and Moonlight Legend cards.